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In particular, DNArt®’s products may include commonly used everyday items or commodities, respectively, such as for instance stationery, note or letter papers, writing pads or note books, calendars, organizers, office supplies, paper bags, packaging material, napkins, post cards, stickers, wall paper or any other goods made from paper and/or cardboard, plastic materials for packaging, accessories or personal assets used in everyday life or for special purposes; photographs, instructional and teaching material.

DNArt®’s products include moreover all kinds of clothing such as for instance shirts, T-Shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, socks, sweatshirts, sports and leisure wear, underwear; hats and caps; ties, scarfs, shawls, textile fabrics.

DNArt®’s products include also belts and other leather goods, and the messages of DNA conveyed on precious metals, such as belt buckles, jewelry, bracelets, badges, watches or time pieces, or any decorative boxes or similar items to decorate your personal environment.

At last, DNArt®’s concepts and messages can be materialized in home accessories, home décor, and any pieces of art such as for instance sculptures and figures.




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